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Veg Sabzi, No-Cream Dal Makhni & Rotis

Veg Sabzi, No-Cream Dal Makhni & Rotis
Veg Sabzi, No-Cream Dal Makhni & Rotis

Online shopping India
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Veg Sabzi, No-Cream Dal Makhni & Rotis

This powerhouse meal has a fiber-rich 6-in-1 sabzi with immunity-boosting vegetables like babycorn, carrots and beans. Paired with our protein-packed dal makhni made without any butter or cream, you're going to love this homely meal. We're also sending you some nutritious rotis, a gut-friendly side salad and tummy-cooling raita.

- 100% whole wheat rotis
- No-cream, no butter dal makhni
- Immunity-boosting veg sabzi
- Low-fat, lactose-free artisanal yogurt raita

Served with the superfood of the day.

Allergen Information: Contains gluten, dairy, nuts and mustard seeds.

*Nutritional values may vary slightly based on the salad and raita of the day.

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