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Sarees : Buy sarees online starting Rs, 499

Starting Rs,499
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Sarees : Buy sarees online starting Rs, 499
Sarees : Buy sarees online starting Rs, 499
Starting Rs,499

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Sarees: Buy sarees online starting Rs, 499

Buy new and latest sarees online at low prices on Shop sarees online at best prices in India. Choose from a wide range of designer sarees, party wear sarees from Snapdeal's online sarees collection. Browse the latest saree collection - fancy sarees, ethnic sari, silk sarees, cotton sarees and more. Check the price for the latest sarees online at India's favorite online shopping site - You can also check the festive sarees online. Avail attractive online shopping deals & discounts on shopping for sarees online at Snapdeal.

Sarees - The Indian Women Identity!

The sarees are a staple of Indian traditional dressing worn as a drape of five to nine yards, about 4.5 to 8 meters. Sarees have a rich history in the Indian subcontinent and is often the go-to choice for any event. Sarees are often worn with a blouse and are open at the midriff, with one end of the saree draped over the shoulder to cover the blouse.

Sarees are part and parcel of being an Indian but are not something one cannot do without. The earliest existence of the saree dates back to the Rig Veda and initially, was meant for both men and women! Five thousand years later, the saree is still as important as ever. No Indian closet is complete without it.

Trendy Saree Essentials Online (Blouses and Petticoats)

A petticoat tied tight at the waist is used to fasten the pleats in place to make sure that the saree stays together throughout the day. The blouse and petticoat would be of the same material and design as the saree cloth. However, recently we've seen more women experimenting with the styles of the saree. pairing bold colours together or adding intricate designs on a plain blouse to make it stand out more.


Latest Designer Sarees Online

Sarees Prices

1SILK ZONE Maroon Banarasi Silk SareeRs. 980
2Prabhat Silk Mills Multicoloured Velvet SareeRs. 464
3K.C. Green Georgette SareeRs. 504
4Silk Zone Green Cotton Silk SareeRs. 550
5Kanha Fashion Black Lycra SareeRs. 1,199
6Vimla Maroon Mysore Silk SareeRs. 549
7Shaily Retails Pink Satin SareeRs. 899
8Modi Vastra Blue Velvet SareeRs. 468
9Panchratna Peach Georgette SareeRs. 1,749
10Gazal Fashions Maroon Banarasi Silk SareeRs. 749

Different Types of Sarees Available Online

Several factors are involved when looking for a saree. These factors vary from place to place and person to person. With India being a tropical country, people are more suggestible to cotton clothing. Hence, it is not surprising that cotton sarees are bestsellers. These sarees are cooling, light-weight, and easy to wear. However, on more opulent occasions the shimmering silk sarees are a go-to choice.

Crepe sarees are a fast growing favorite. This has a distinct crisp appearance. It has excellent drape characteristics because of it's crisp texture. A silk crepe material is both soft and has good drape properties. For a more flowy and elegant appearance, chiffon is used. It is a blend of light-weight and balanced sheer fabric. georgette sarees is also a more common and crowd-pleasing fabric, which is made of sheer, is light-weight and made from silk. We also have a silk sarees and a net saree as elegant options. These are some of the finest sarees in India.

Party Wear Sarees For That Special Occasion

The saree is a versatile clothing item and can go from setting the tone from serious and sombre to fun and flirty with just a few fashion changes. It is a must-have piece of Indian clothing that can be worn to almost any occasion. Going for a casual look? Grab a simple, plain saree, and pair it with heavy accessories and selfie-ready makeup. Business blues? An intricately embroidered fancy saree worn with minimal accessories and makeup makes you look elegant and effortlessly beautiful.

The saree can make even the most modest and camera-shy lady come out of her shell, showcasing her comfort level. Due to this, Snapdeal provides party wear sarees to let out the inner diva in you. Pick out a fancy saree from the medley available, strap on some heels and put on some make-up. Night out or a work-related event? Irrespective of the occasion you can never go wrong in a saree.

Fancy Sarees With Various Designs and Embroidery

There are beautiful designs available for sarees. These embroidered sarees showcase the opulence and richness of the saree and its wearer. The designs vary from plain and simple to intricate and intense. Picking out a design for a saree is not easy, that's why having an online inventory at the touch of your fingertips helps.

Snapdeal has designs that simply adorn the borders of the nine-yard garment. Embroideries are common. The designs make the saree stand out and can be a game changer when it comes to styling as well.

Saree Styles Were Worn Throughout Our Country

The style of draping a saree varies from place to place and from person to person. Different regions of India drape their sarees in different ways. A few of the most common ways include the Nivi style, which is the style of draping a saree that is common in North India and is the most accepted way of draping a saree today. Kappulu is another style from Andhra Pradesh. It’s a form-hugging style of draping a saree that accentuates a woman's curves in all the right ways.

Easier styles like Seedha pallu, which is a style of draping a saree resembling a lehenga sarees and allows for more movement to the wearer. Dancing sarees are also a style that is seen throughout India. A common one is Mohiniyattam from Kerala which is basically a cotton saree with a bright gold border that is mostly worn by dancers.

How To Drape A Saree?

For the proper draping of a saree, the following should be kept in mind; the length of the saree, the type of wear of the saree, the accessories to be used, and the style. Prepare what you need beforehand so you're not running around looking for everything as you get ready. Wear the blouse and petticoat. This should be of the same or complementary colors to that of the saree at hand.

Tuck one end of the saree into your petticoat and the length of the saree is draped once around. Grab the fabric and pull it away from your body, fold a bit of the fabric to form a neat pleat and repeat. There should be at least 6-8 pleats in succession. This is again tucked into the petticoat neatly. Take the rest of the fabric and drape it over your shoulder. Be sure to have the embroidery facing the outside and towards the edge.

Practice makes perfect, and the more you try, the better it will turn out. Open up that browser and look for affordable sarees online shopping on Snapdeal. Experimentation is also a trend that is catching up these days with the younger generation flaunting a more modern twist on a classic. After getting dressed in the best saree follows it up with a bit of makeup and accessories. Gold earrings and necklaces always compliment the Indian skin tone. Every woman is open to a new experience, and with hair, make-up, accessories, while wearing a designer saree, any woman can feel completely beautiful.

The Significance Of Contemporary Designer Sarees

The saree is seen as a sign of Indian femininity and elegance. It is what adorns the goddesses and royalty. The significance of the saree lies in how important it is to Indian culture. To make sure the saree remains modern, we have designer sarees and fancy sarees as part of the extensive range of saree collection. The Indian woman is just like her saree - elegant and delicate, but durable and resistant when done up the right way.

Just as a saree is complicated to fold and wear but looks absolutely amazing, in the same way, a woman can be seemingly complicated while difficult situations turn out for the best. Just as you would multitask in order to wear a beautiful saree, pins, clips, accessories, shoes, make-up, and other accessories, a woman multitasks everything in her life with a beautiful outcome.

Every woman's saree has a story to tell, including the emotions invested and time spent in looking for the perfect piece of Indian tradition. Be it a girl's first saree that could be something passed down from her mother or the matriarch of the family, or a women's wedding sarees, the most important factor associated with the nine yards is the sentiment attached to the saree.

Therefore, if you're looking to bring the joy of draping into a beautiful woman's life, be it their first saree, or a silk saree your friend always wanted but couldn't afford, or even getting your mother that specially embroidered saree that reminds her of her childhood, or a sister wanting something special to remember you by, the best deal would be to head on to Snapdeal. Browse through an entire catalog of beautiful sarees based on various criteria. Here you'll find affordable, elegant and regal sarees along with the latest saree in the latest designs.

Online Shopping for Sarees at Snapdeal

Considering buying a sari? Snapdeal provides you with a wide array of sari choices online in a simple and easy-to-maneuver site making every step of the process as user-friendly as possible and is constantly updating itself with the latest designs. Snapdeal - India's best online shopping site, provides a range of offers and discounts on all your favorite items, while lists are constantly being updated with new and exciting items. The site has easy payment options, cash on delivery available with value-added services to make this experience feel more personalized.

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