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Samsung SSD 850 Evo 250GB (MZ-75E250BW)

Rs,6,774.00 Rs,8,218.00
Samsung SSD 850 Evo 250GB (MZ-75E250BW)
Samsung SSD 850 Evo 250GB (MZ-75E250BW)
Rs,6,774.00 Rs,8,218.00

Samsung S10,
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  • Innovative 3D V-NAND Technology
  • Incredible Read/Write Performance
  • Enhanced Endurance and Reliability
  • Efficient Power Management

Product description

Capacity:250 GB
Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB 2.5 inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250BW)

Secure and faster data sharing

The Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB SATA III Internal SSD is the ideal device to keep all your data safe and secure as this device comes with enhanced security measures and better performance. The 3D V-NAND technology of this device is highly effective and enhances your data sharing experience. To enable you to access and share data with better speed, this device is armed with innovative technology of TurboWrite. Thus, you get to share data quickly and smoothly. Plus, its enhanced security features protect your data and keep it safe. The highly durable body of this storage device is made up from high quality material and hence, is very sturdy. Also, the energy saving design makes sure that this gadget does not consume much power during its operation.

Enhanced Incredible Read/Write Speeds

Gone are the days when you had to wait for hours to transfer your data. With the Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB SATA III SSD, data sharing becomes smoother and hassle free. Equipped with the TurboWrite technology, you get to enjoy up to 1.9x faster data transfer speeds while the read speed of 540MB/s and write speed of 520MB/s is effective as well. Moreover, there is the option of RAPID mode which boosts the performance of this device. This mode utilizes the unused PC memory as a cache and enhances the speed of performance so that you receive faster results.

Dynamic Thermal Guard Protection

To tackle the issue of overheating, the Samsung 850 Internal SSD is equipped with Dynamic Thermal Guard Protection. This system keeps the device safe from increased temperature and ensures premium performance during all conditions. An ideal temperature is maintained by altering and monitoring temperature levels so that there is no harm to your data. If the temperatures goes beyond optimal critical threshold, then this thermal guard brings it down and ensures there is no harm caused.

Improved energy saving options

The Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB SATA Internal SSD performs without putting much pressure on the energy consumption levels. This device supports 25% more battery efficiency when compared with other devices. It comes equipped with an optimized controller, which supports 'Device Sleep for Windows' at a very effective rate of 2mW.

What is 3D V-Nand and How does it Differ from Existing Technology?

Samsung’s unique and innovative 3D V-Nand flash memory architecture is a breakthrough in overcoming the density limitations, performance and endurance of today’s conventional planar Nand architecture. 3D V-Nand is fabricated by stacking 32 cell layers vertically over one another rather than decreasing the cells dimensions and trying to fit itself onto a fixed horizontal space resulting in higher density and better performance utilising a smaller footprint.

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