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Register and get Geno Homeopathy test worth ₹7,000 Free

Register and get Geno Homeopathy test worth ₹7,000 Free
Register and get Geno Homeopathy test worth ₹7,000 Free

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Register and get Geno Homeopathy test worth ₹7,000 Free


Dr Batra's Multispeciality treats various skin disorders like Acne, Psoriasis and Vitiligo. Skin disorders cause more damage to the psyche than to the skin. Do not neglect, treat skin disorders with Geno Homeopathy.

What is Geno Homeopathy?

Gene-targeted homeopathic therapy that is scientific, precise, safe, cost-effective and uniquely planned for you.


  • Over 115 years of cumulative experience in homeopathy
  • Internationally recognized treatment protocols
  • One of the largest networks of extensively qualified homeopathic doctors
  • 91% positive treatment outcome
  • 0.14 million patients treated globallyfor skin disorders
  • Advanced scientific technology for better treatment outcome

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    Steps on how Geno Homeopathy will help you get better & faster treatment results?

    STEP 1
    Identify your individual gene code & underlying ailments

    STEP 2
    Personalised treatments which are unique to you based on your genes

    STEP 3
    Precise treatment targeting based on your gene analysis will aid in better & faster results

    STEP 4
    Predict genetic diseases 15-20 years before they show up in other tests

    STEP 5
    Prevent & treat ailments safely with Homeopathy before they show up in other tests 

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