LuvLap Electric Breast Feeding Pump with Anti-Backflow and Rechargable Battery

Best price LuvLap Electric Breast Feeding Pump with Anti-Backflow and Rechargable Battery

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Electric Breast Feeding Pump

Soft and large massage cushion stimulates milk flow gentle massage cushion helps stimulate milk flow
Unique 3 operating modes 3 operating modes for massage, stimulation and expression, designed for faster and comfortable milk flow
Simple settings to choose from for pain-free and comfortable milk flow
Last usage memory the memory function automatically saves the pumping live and modes of previous usage session and keeps it for future sessions
Anti-backflow mechanism and anti-leakage prevents milk contamination and loss of milk due to leakage
Manual and automatic in one machine amphibious both auto and manual in one machine, special design for switching between 2 types as per your convenience
The dual power source can be used with either main electric power or rechargeable battery
An extra multipurpose milk container, a teat with cap and a travel-friendly storage pouch included for pumping, feeding and compact storage
Hd LCD display HD LCD shows working state and levels of suction
Instructions Included

Product Description

Luvlap has a range of baby products which are growing every day. Taking care of every aspect of your little one's life from transport to feeding to hygiene.

Nursing your baby just became more hygienic and convenient. Luvlap introduces a range of ergonomically designed & easy to use nursing essentials, helping new mothers to conveniently breastfeed & sterilise feeding bottles with ease.

3 Operating Modes & 9 Levels For Each Mode

3 Operating modes for Massage, Stimulation and Expression, designed for faster and comfortable milk expression. Each operating mode has 9 levels which can be adjusted as per convenience.

Soft Massage Cushion
Large Gentle Massage Cushion helps Stimulate Milk Flow.

Comfortable Seating Position During Expressing
Unlike other pumps, you do not have to lean forward during milk expression.

Anti-Backflow Mechanism and Anti-Leakage
Prevents milk contamination and loss of milk due to leakage.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery included
To help carry the product as per convenience.

Dual Power Source - USB Charging & Battery
Can be used with either main Electric power or Rechargeable Battery.

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