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ISABELLA Fast Hair Straightener Brush With Temperature

Rs,487.00 Rs,1,749.00
ISABELLA Fast Hair Straightener Brush With Temperature
ISABELLA Fast Hair Straightener Brush With Temperature
Rs,487.00 Rs,1,749.00

Samsung S10,
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  • Ultra Smooth Ceramic Plates For Effortless Glide
  • Pro Variable Temperature Control For All Hair Types
  • Exclusive Heat Expansion Plate Technology
  • Sleek, Light And Ergonomic Design

Product description

Application method of straightener :

operation instruction

using different Settings of Fast Hair straightener can achive different temperature, Fast Hairr Straightener With eleven elevator button, every touch can change 5 degrees Celsius, we recommend that you begin to choose highest amount, then according to the hair to red temperature the level.

1. thick dense hair generally choose a higher temperature 210-230 degrees Celsius

2. More generally, air hanging in the temperature 210-190 degrees.

3. Comparison the fine hair selectable temperature 200-170, and choose low temperature above a perm molding may be slighty slower.

Please use the power button to bower on hold for 3 seconds to boot. press 3 seconds off Fast straightener use a different direction, for personal use, with the personal habits.
FAST HAIR STRAIGHTENER Hair straightener instructions

1. Keep the hair clean and neatly combed please before use.

2. use the plug into the appropriate socket teep electricity well.

3. First switched on the set temperature, such as heated to the desired temperature

4. During use, you only need one hand to pul hair end, with the Fast Hair straightener and

5 you exercise straightener more lasting effect, in must meet styling hair lotions softeners

6. Please don't put too much hair, i put more, In the control process it will slow speed, the effect is obvious. the down the speed, the effort is obvious.

7 This product is a one-hour auto-off function, if you can reboot.

Hair straightener security matters

1. Do not allow children under use the product, please note the following security matters.

2. Do not wet or bathroom the wet water area places.

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