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HiOwna Momz

HiOwna Momz
HiOwna Momz

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What it does:-

HiOwna Momz is a nutritional health drink supplement, containing natural ingredients, specially formulated to meet the additional nutritional requirements of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

HiOwna Momz helps bridge nutritional gaps and ensures optimum nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. It provides holistic benefits through its natural ingredients.

  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supports the development of baby's eyes and brain.
  • L-Methylfolate is the most active form of folic acid which helps maintain normal hemoglobin levels in the mother and prevents neural tube defects in the fetus.
  • Pea and milk protein provide all the essential amino acids important for the development of maternal tissues and the fetus or newborn infant.
  • Optimum levels of 25 micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) maintain overall health and well-being in mother and baby.
  • HiOwna Momz contains well-researched herbal actives which help build a strong immune system in both mother and baby, and assist in enhancing the quality and quantity of breast milk in nursing mothers.


A specialized, daily nutritional health drink supplement for:

  • Pregnancy*
  • Lactation

Key ingredients:-

Milk (Kshira) has been used in the form of skimmed milk powder in HiOwna Momz. Skimmed milk powder is a good source of essential amino acids. It is rich in casein, a highly nutritious protein, easily digestible and important for an infant's growth and development. The calcium helps to build strong bones and teeth in baby. Skimmed milk also contains whey proteins, which consist of branched-chain amino acids that are absorbed quickly, providing proteins that aid in baby's growth and development. They maintain the nutritional requirements of the mother and promote weight gain in the baby.

Pea (Kalaya) is of great nutritional importance due to its high protein content. The amino acids in pea protein, along with the skimmed milk proteins, help in the development of the placenta and growth of the fetus.

Coconut (Narikela) contains micro minerals and nutrients essential for human health. Coconut has folate and lauric acid along with other nutrients which help provide the additional nutritional requirements during pregnancy and lactation. Lauric acid increases the fatty acid content in breast milk, thus improving its quality.

Date (Kharjura) offers antioxidant action. It effectively reduces stress, enhances strength and stamina, and rejuvenates the body. Dates have been traditionally used to promote lactation and provide nutrition and strength to nursing mothers.

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