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Handpicked Printers Zero % no cost EMI

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Handpicked Printers Zero % no cost EMI
Handpicked Printers Zero % no cost EMI
No cost EMI

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For Low Printing Needs

Low cost printers for your occasional document printing requirements. Approximate printing cost – Rs. 6-8 per page

Regular Printing Needs

For printing your kid's school projects, documents to read or high quality photos. Approximate printing cost Rs. 3 - 5 per page

For High Printing Needs

For frequent printing requirements in Home, Offices or Enterprises. Better speed & lower cost per print. Approximate printing cost – 10 to 50 paise per page (InkTank printers), Rs. 1-2 per page (Laser printers)

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Ink tank printers are also Inkjet models. Instead of ink cartridges, refillable ink tanks are designed in which ink can be filled. It does not rely on toner cartridges for printing and works with different nozzles or tanks for filling inks in liquid form. Unlike cartridges, where you need to replace all the colors even if you run out of just 1 color, here, you can refill just that 1 color into the printer tank.

Moreover, these printers come with the advantage of extremely low cost per page & thus, are ideal for users who have regular to high printing needs.




Ink-jet printers as the name suggests, comprise of small ‘jets’ or ‘nozzles’ which form pictures or characters with little dots formed by tiny droplets of ink. These printers form characters on paper by spraying ink from tiny nozzles which is absorbed into the paper and dries instantly. These printers can be color or mono-chrome. To print just text, a mono-chrome printer which has just a black nozzle will suffice, however to print multiple colors you will need to go in for a color printer which has 3 additional nozzles – cyan, magenta & yellow.

Some printers come with all their color inks in a single cartridge, which means, if you want to replace one color, you must replace all the colors. Other color ink-jet printers allow you to replace ink individually. These printers are a better choice if user uses one color more than other colors. These printers produce less noise and print in better quality with greater speed.



A laser printer works like a copier machine. Laser printers produce images on paper by directing a laser beam at a mirror which bounces the beam onto a drum. As the paper rolls by the drum, the toner is transferred to the paper printing the letters or other graphics on the paper. Laser printers use buffers that store an entire page at a time. When a whole page is loaded, it will be printed.

Laser printers are built to print large volumes quickly and at a low cost per page, while they operate quietly without producing much noise. Moreover, because the toner is already dry, you won't have to wait for it to dry and it won't smudge on your paper.


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