Fresho Organic Cow Ghee, 150 ml

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1)Fresho! Organic Ghee is manufactured in a safe, hygienic facility. 2)Our rich flavored ghee is made from traditional churned butter; which in turn is processed from curd. A slow boiling method is applied to retain the rich flavour and traditional aroma. The richness in the texture is due to the usage of fresh nutrient rich milk. 3)We engage in fair methods of organic farming. 4)The cows in the farms are continuously monitored in terms of health and behaviour. No chemical feed , antibiotics or vaccines are used on the cows as it might disturb their biological cycle. Each cow is free- ranged and allocated a specific clean area for grazing. 5)We engage in No usage of Chemicals and Preservatives; and hence our dairy products are free from traces of chemicals and other harmful residues. You can care freely indulge into our range of Organic dairy products and treat your taste buds.
Home Style Ghee Nature: Fresho organic ghee is made in traditional home style method. Since this process involves converting churned butter to ghee, ghee residue or sedimentation is a natural by-product. The sedimentation is dark-brown or black on visual inspection. If you find the same in pack of the bottle that you have bought, please try the same without slightest of hesitation. However, please shake the bottle well or keep the same in inverted position for 2 minutes shake it well and enjoy the goodness of natural ghee. Ghee residue or sedimentation is great source of antioxidant, which is known to fight free radicals in your body and slow down aging process. Please note that home style ghee is naturally darker in color when compared to commercially manufactured ghee available in the market.


Made from 100% Organic Certified Curd Churned Butter

How to use

Remove the cap and enjoy the natural organic certified ghee

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