Will Sonam’s wedding be the Marriage of the year?

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Will Sonam’s wedding be the Marriage of the year?

The trends change a lot, especially in our various industries. Earlier marriage was considered to be the stop point for ladies in the Bollywood. Going all stereotypical with that, people considered it to be the last door for women in the Bollywood Industry. It was like, once you are hitched somewhere, you are also ditched somewhere.

No more place for you to bloom and blossom once you have got the ring in your finger and mehndi on your arms. And it did happen that way. Though they appeared after marriage, they couldn’t really make it. Because of this, people then were hesitant to marry. They did not want to spoil their career for the sake of marriage. As if the commitment was not enough.

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But now, things have changed. People are excited to marry and they know life doesn’t stop there. Marriage is not the end of a joyful life, it is, instead otherwise. It is the beginning of a new joyful phase in one’s life.

From cricketers to those belonging form the movie fraternity, everybody is getting married, having babies and wanting to live a NORMAL life and enjoy the perks of it.

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And just a recent example included a couple belonging to both. Yes, that’s right Virushka!

And after the audience got all thrilled after their marriage, we are waiting for more.

Though we are still not over them, the more, the better.

While the rumors were abuzz about the Ranveer and Deepika wedding, Sonam jumped in and snatched the wedding crown from Deepika this time. It was suddenly all out in public that the couple Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are going to be married on the 8th of May and the family seeks nothing but blessings for the couple.

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About Sonam’s wedding

Sonam, no matter how to open about her opinions in public, was always tight-lipped about her personal life especially her relationships. Though apparently both Sonam and Anand made it very obvious thing social media handles about their love for each other, still there was no official confirmation from either.

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As to what the reports say, they met through a common friend named Prerna Qureshi in 2014 who was Sonam’s stylist and Anand’s very good friend. It is said that Anand was so smitten by the gorgeous and talented Sonam, that he proposed her right after a month they met. And as you have it now, they are together ever since then.

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There was some news saying that they will be married in Geneva, Switzerland but as per the Filmfare report, they will be married in Mumbai though the location is still unknown.

We can’t wait to see our fashionista set new standards for the upcoming brides though as her marriage is approaching, she is seen in less makeup and more natural looks promoting the true beauty of a bride. Well, there is the reason people love her!

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Sonam played it very smart by taking up two marriages simultaneously, one of hers and the other of Veere’s.  

Well, we are not sure about how Veere di wedding will perform, but Sonam di wedding will definitely be a blockbuster!

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