What Will Types Of Condom Be Like In 100 Years?

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What Will Types Of Condom Be Like In 100 Years?

Condoms are the most common type of thing which is used to prevent the pregnancy. This is also used to prevent the diseases like HIV AIDS, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea and so on those are getting transmitted through the sexual contact (commonly known as Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STD). Since most of this diseases does not have any cure we must take care of our self before get affected by them. In order to prevent this sexually transmitted Diseases and Pregnancy, the Condoms are used by the men.   

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During an initial time like the 1970s, the people get hesitated to speak about the usage of Condoms. But during that times its usage is also very less. So the pregnancy gets increased and childbirth rate also gets increased. These two things result in an increase in population. So the state and the central government of India started to advertise about the usage of Condoms publically through the various modes. The World Health Organization also advises the government of the different countries around the world to advertise about the usage of Condoms and also to create awareness among the people about the Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Because of that people started to use the Condoms and birth rate also gets decreased. But many people find some problem like Allergic reactions because of the type of material used in the Condoms. So the companies started to manufactures Condoms of different materials and these are widely used by the people all over the world.

In this article let see the different types of Condoms which are used widely by the people all over the worlds.

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Types of Condoms:

There are different types of Condoms available in the market and the same is used by the people all over the world. These are made from different types of materials and the Condoms available in the markets are mainly classified into the following categories depending on the types of materials used. Following are the types of Condoms available in the markets and used by the people all over the world.

  1. Latex Condoms
  2. Lambskin Condoms
  3. Polyurethane Condoms
  4. Polyisoprene Condoms

Latex Condoms:

These are the most common type of Condoms which are available in the market and widely used by the people because it is cheap in cost. These Condoms are very much easy to manufacture and use. Because of that only it is famous among the people.

Latex is nothing but the natural rubber obtained from the rubber trees. Latex is the mixture of some of the organic components called as caticifers. These organic components are produced by plants and their special cells. But most of the organic rubber is obtained from the plant called Hevea Brasiliensis (Botanical name). Even though it is native to African areas, this plant is largely planted in Asian countries and India is one of the largest producers of it.

Advantages of Latex Condoms are

  • Low cost and high flexibility
  • Widely used by all people
  • Gives better protection against STDs and pregnancies

Lambskin Condoms:

This is one of the oldest Condoms which are available in the market but the people nowadays do not use this and the companies stop the manufacturing of this type of Condoms. It is made from the most natural material called intestinal membrane of Lamb. This type of Condoms is widely used by the people before the introduction of other types of Condoms like latex and Polyurethane Condoms because it gives more natural feeling than the others. This type of Condoms is suitable for preventing the pregnancy but not viral STDs.

The intestinal membrane of lamb has numerous pores of small size through which the STDs may be transmitted. These pores are not enough in large size through which the sperms cannot pass through it but they are large enough for viral diseases causing cells. Nowadays the governments not encourage the manufactures this type of Condoms.

Polyurethane Condoms:

This type of Condoms is made from the plastic materials in order to give better protection against the viral STDs and pregnancies. Many people prefer to use these Polyurethane Condoms because they may find some allergic reactions to the latex Condoms. So this Polyurethane Condoms act as a better alternative to the latex Condoms for the people who have an allergic reaction to the latex.

But this type of Condoms has one of the most important disadvantages and that is this Condom does not have that much elasticity as like that of Latex Condoms. This stiffness may be liked by many people but its movement in the market is not that much high as like that of the others. This stiffness characteristic of Polyurethane Condoms is because of plastic. We all know that plastic is a material known for its stiffness. So the Condoms which are made from plastic also have the same characteristics.

The advantages of this type of Polyurethane Condoms are

  • Better protection against the pregnancies
  • Protect the user from the viral STDs
  • Does not cause any allergic reaction
  • Thinner in size
  • Good alternative to Latex Condoms

Polyisoprene Condoms:

The latex Condoms do not cause any allergic reaction to people but those types of allergies are rare cases. But if the people those who do not have any allergies to latex Condoms need an alternative to that, the newly developed Polyisoprene Condoms are preferred for them.

Polyisoprene is the synthetic version of the natural latex. This synthetic latex is prepared artificially in the laboratories by the combination of various inorganic materials. So this Condom exhibits most of the characteristics similar to that of the natural latex.

The advantages of this Polyisoprene Condoms are

  • Excellent alternative to Latex Condoms
  • Prevents transmission of viral STDs efficiently
  • Prevents pregnancies
  • High flexibility
  • Considerably low cost


Nowadays the people started to by non-latex Condoms through the online shopping websites and other online markets because of their sheer performance. But the choice of Condoms depends on the user.

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