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best Earphone under Rs, 500-Every people in this world love to hear music and movies with the best sound quality.  There are no people in this world who does not love to hear music and watch movies. In today’s scientific world everyone has a mobile phone in our hand.  We usually hear music and watch movies on our smartphone only. But in order to have crystal Clear sound quality, we use headphones. Many people think that if you want to hear the highest quality sound we must need to buy highest quality earphones but the highest quality earphones definitely cost more than Five Hundred rupees. But in online shopping websites, the best quality Earphone under Rs 500. In this article let’s see the best quality best Earphone under Rs, 500

What is the best Earphone under Rs: 500?

In order to have a crystal clear sound quality of songs and movies on a smartphone, we need to use the highest Quality earphones.  But there is no need to spend more money to buy the best quality earphones. There are some best quality earphones under five hundred rupees.

Ok. Then what is the best Earphone under Rs 500?  The answer to this question is MI basic in-ear headphones. It has lots of advanced features to have crystal Clear sound quality and the best fittings like Aluminium alloy sound chamber,   Third generation balanced damping and many more. Let see about the features of this wonderful earphones one by one in this article.

About the manufacturer:

Xiaomi is the famous company all over the world. It has billions of customers all over the world. They achieved this status by providing excellent services and the highest quality product to all the people. This company is very famous for manufacturing electronic good like laptops mobile phones, tablets, and other laptop and mobile phone accessories.

Their products are mostly available in the online market only. They have more than fifteen thousand employees from all the countries like China, Japan, Europe, Malaysia, India and so on. The employ only highly skilled workers in their factories. They always upgrade themselves with latest top-notch technologies.

They have highly equipped laboratories to check the quality of the product they manufacture. If a product comes out from the factories of Xiaomi, it will come after crossing lots and lots of tough quality tests that product will have to satisfy all the quality parameters and the standard they have.

Aluminum alloy Sound Chamber:

In order to have a better quality sound in a crystal clear sound, this MI basic in-ear earphone is provided with aluminum alloy sound chamber. This ensures the crystal Clear sound quality.

This aluminum alloys on champer anodized to Increase its life and its sound quality. This anodizing process is also used to protect this wonderful earphone against corrosion. So there won’t be any problem due to corrosion how the parts of this earphone in future.

In order to make this wonderful and fully featured earphone into a stretching and slip resistant one, it has gone through zircon sound blasting.  All these processes ensure d best quality sound with the long life of your phone.

The precision of sound:

This earphone is made to provide highest quality crystal clear sound. The aluminum alloy chamber provided along with this earphone and this is the reason for highest quality crystal Clear sound. Since this aluminum alloy is undergone into the zircon sound blast processing the precision and quality of the music increases and it gives the user a wonderful experience.

The electronic parts placed inside this earphone is made from the highest quality materials and this ensures the highest precision of sound and speed of sound processing. The magnetic coil provided inside this earphone is made of copper wire. This provides the highest precision than Earphone under Rs 500.

This earphone has the working ability of more than two hours and even more. It is because of using Powerful magnetic coil inside these earphones.

Damping system features:

The damping system provider in the earphone he’s used to separating the noises under the sound by using the air flow inside the earphone. This damping system also ensures the crystal clear quality of the song we hear without any irritation feeling. This damping system is also used to avoid the vibrations in the earphones.

In this wonderful MI Basic, In-Ear Headphones is provided with third generation damping system technology.  The special feature of this third generation damping system technology is that unique flow of sound and air inside the earphones. So that sound and the air mix in correct proportionality and flows freely inside the free space of the earphone.The air flow is separated at the front end of the earphone and the sound goes back.

Design features:

This MI Basic In-Ear Headphones Is provided with the ergonomic design. The Main body of this earphone is provided with them ergonomically angled design.  This angled design ensures the perfect fitting of the Earphones into the ear canal and they provide long-lasting comfort feeling while you listening to your favorite song.

This earphone is also having an anti-slip design this prevents the dropping out of the earphones from your ears.  So you can enjoy the hearing of your favorite music without any hesitation and fear about the damage your favorite headphones by dropping out from your ears.

The elegant matte finish provided along with these earphones makes it look great the black and white color of this earphone at beauty to the Matt finish the matt finish prevents the damage of earphones and accidental scratches.

Technical features summary:

The following table is for providing total technical features of this wonderful

MI in-ear earphone as a summary:

Brand MI
Model Basic
Model name Basic
Product dimensions 25.3 x 43.7 x 22.5 cm
Item model number Basic
Additional features In-ear
Included components Earphone with three earbuds
Microphone available Yes
Microphone form factor With microphone
Battery included No
Battery required No
Damping system used Third generation damping system technology

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