The Reason Why Everyone Love Rajasthani Dress

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The Reason Why Everyone Love rajasthani dress

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Rajasthani dress-Rajasthan is a land of vivid culture and beautiful wildlife. From the sand dunes to the ancient folk songs, we get the essence of Rajasthan everywhere. The vividness of their culture can be seen in the costumes and dresses that are the perfect combination of their cultural lineage and spectacular colours. They always use bright and fresh hues with a very delicate embroidery that looks graceful as well as gives a down to earth look.

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The clothes or attires in Rajasthan are designed in such a way that it will prevent the harmful effects due to the sun and protect the skin. These are mostly loose fitted with brightly coloured embroidery done on it. The Rajasthani dresses are the reflection of the effervescent culture of this chivalrous state. From it’s Pagdi to the ghagras, all of the different styles and attires have a different tale to tell.

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Following are the most interesting Rajasthani dresses especially enlisted for you:

Ghagra Choli

These are the casual attire that the woman in rural households wears. These are mostly a skirt with lots of frills. These can be of any length. These are also decorated with different gold and silver threads, gems and other colorful stones. With ghagras, a matching blouse known as choli is worn which also have the traditional embroidery on their sleeves. In special occasions, lehengas are also worn. These lehengas are a much more stylish and intricate form of ghagras and hence are used only in special occasions. These ghagras are tied along the waist after which they flow below to full length. These are stitched in cotton or silk material in bright and vivid colours like red, yellow, orange and green.

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This single piece of cloth is one of the most integral parts of the women attire in Rajasthan. It is generally 10 feet long and 5 feet wide and is used by women along with ghagra choli or lehenga. The woman tucks one end of this cloth into the skirt and uses the other end to gracefully drape it over their bodies and cover their heads In a short veil. The odhni symbolizes respect and legacy of one’s traditions and are embroidered exquisitely. It is called as the Crowning Glory of every Rajasthani women and they wear it with utmost Pride.

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This bright and colourful single cloth of 82 feet long and 8 inches wide are used as a headgear which is a very prestigious part of Rajasthani men’s attire. The Pagdi is tied over the head and hold a certain significance to it.


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A dhoti is a casual yet stylish attire worn by Rajasthani men. They are usually of white colour and are draped over the man’s torso quite skillfully to give them a very traditional look. Dhoti signifies their simple way of living


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These are mostly worn by men in place of shirts and mostly with dhoties. They are very trendy with the traditional ascent and are mostly designed by the traditional Tie and Dye technique. These are a type of long jacket and symbolizes a protective shield for men.


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The Rajasthani culture and tradition have motivated and inspired many of the famous Indian designers to blend them in our latest fashion trends. With vivid colours and intricate embroidery, the Rajasthani style is used in many designs of Kurtis, skirts, and sarees. They give a traditional and festive feel thus making you look classy.

These are all about rajasthani dress and rajasthani culture..

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