The Indo Western Dress That Wins Customers

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The Indo Western Dress That Wins Customers

Indo Western Dresses are most popular among the people. The woman likes this type Indo Western  Dresses because of the unique designs provided along with this Dress. This type of designs is initially drawn by using hand only. But nowadays it is done by using machines only.  

This type of Dresses are suitable for wearing during all the traditional functions like wedding functions, temple functions and non-traditional occasions like birthday parties,  hang out with friends after a long day.

The costs of this type of Dresses are very low and it is easily available at all places. It comes with a variety of designs like embroidery design, embroidery designer pearls work and so on. This is the main reason for its famous among the people all over the world

 The colors used in this Dresses does not fade with the washing.  Materials used to do manufacturer this type of Indo Western style Dresses are light in weight and they have the highest quality. So it does not irritate yourself while wearing it and it comes for a long time. Also, these materials are perfect to wear all type of climates and require less maintenance.  In this article let’s see the different types of Indo Western style Dresses available in the online market.

New collection 2018 Lehenga choli for women and girls:

This Indo Western Dress comes from the latest Dress designers and known for quality product, Roop Craft.  This Dress comes in two parts. One is top part and another one is bottom part. The bottom part is traditionally called Lehenga.

The top part is made from the black color velvet cloth provided with heavy embroidery work at the borders.  The black velvet cloth provides a shiny look to the top part.

They are provided with the heavy embroidery work provided at the bottom consists of black color circles in consecutive with a light brown color band like the design.   This heavy embroidery work adds beauty to the top part.

The bottom part is made from the net type cloth.  This part consists of Indian traditional flower artwork printing.  This design consist of a lot of flower design of dark red Color provided with dark green color leaves and branches throughout the bottom part.  This flower design is printed on the light brown color background. The light brown color background adds beauty to the flower printing. If you wear this Dress along with matching earrings and necklace, it looks very great.

It is a free size Dress made from the highest quality cloth material. Normal type of washing is enough and color does not fade with washing. The material does not shrink.  This Indo Western Dress is available on Amazon online shopping website.

Purva Art Women’s Soft Dress:

It is a pink color Indo Western Dress design comes from the latest Dress designers Purva Arts.  It comes as two parts.   One is top part and another one is bottom part. In addition to these two parts, a Dupatta is also provide along with this Indo Western Dress to enhance its beauty.

The top part is made from soft Net type material of pink color.  It is also provide with full sleeve along with the collar and grey colored heavy embroidery work.

This top part covers the body from the neck to the knee. Heavy embroidery work is made of light grey color and this top part is provide with golden color border.  The borders of the sleeves are also provided with the golden color band as like that of the top.

The bottom Lehenga part is make from Rasal Net type material of light grey color. It is also provided with golden color border. The Embroidery works on the top and bottom parts exactly match to each other and this Dress is suitable to wear for all type of occasions which may be a traditional one or untraditional.

The Dupatta is make from the net type material which is also pink in color. It is also provided with golden color border.  If you wear this Dupatta along with this Dress it looks great.

The material used in this Indo Western Dress using the highest quality and it requires very less maintenance. Normal type of hand washing or machine washing is enough for this Dress. This net type material allows the air to flow inside and outside this Indo Western Dress.

So the sweating does not happen while wearing this Dress. So it is suitable to wear at all seasons. This Dress is available on the online shopping website Amazon.

Nena Fashion Women’s Faux Georgette Dress:

This Indo Western Dress has a contrast color top and the bottom parts.  It comes from the latest fashion designers Nena fashions. This Dress comes as two parts these two parts having contrast color to each.

The top is make from the Georgette type of material.  This top is light brown in color. It is providedwith golden color Printing Works this top is coming with the sleeveless and specially design curved Neck part.  This latest design of neck cutting adds beauty to the top part.

The bottom part also made from the Georgette type material as like that of the top part.  It is dark Navy in color which is the contrast to the light brown color top part.

This bottom part is plain in design and it does not have any embroidery or Printing Works.  This plane design of the bottom part looks very elegant and Rich in look.  It is make from The Shiny material so it glows in the light of the night.

This Indo Western Dress is perfect over during the Night-Time parties and the Night-Time wedding functions.  This Dress is make from the highest quality cloth material and it comes for long days. Since this Dress is lighting make it does not irritate while wearing and it is a user-friendly one.

This Dress requires the only normal type of hand washing machine washing. This Indo Western Dress is suitable to wear at all seasons.  It is available on online shopping website Amazon.


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