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Professional beard trimmer is basically a device which is used to cut the beard very easily and within very short span of time that too in desired shape which suits our face. Razor also does the same work of cutting the beard but it has some side effects like it may cut our face and it may produce some rashes or other skin infections after use to those whose skin is very soft.

These days boys are Professional beard trimmer over razor as it is easy to use trimmers as well as it is skin friendly too. These days growing beard is a trend across the globe. Some guys like french beard while others like full beard in proper shape. These shapes are easy to maintain only if we use trimmer.

For a razor user it is quite difficult to maintain such trends in beard. There are so many shapes of beard are in trend as we can see in the fig.1 below.

Fig.1 Different different shapes of Beard

All of the above shapes along with many more can be easily maintained if we use trimmers. As per demand design engineers are developing new and more comfortable technologies for almost all our daily purpose items. Similarly in case of trimmers also they are doing the same. Day by day we can see something different and totally new technology added in trimmers also like adjustable precision blades etc.


Advantages of Trimmers or Disadvantages of Razor

Easy to use –

Professional beard trimmer are quite easy to use as compared to the razors. Razor may sometime cut our face but with a trimmer there are no such issues. It can be used without any other product like in case of razor we need some foam and after shave lotion etc. We can see in the fig.2 below the use of foam which is basically used to make the beard soft so that it get into contact with blade easily.

Fig.2 Use of Foam before Shaving our Beard


User-friendly and Eco-friendly –

Trimmers are user-friendly also as they don’t produce any rashes or any other side effects over our face after use as in case of razor it may happen that person whose skin is having soft tissues may get some infections like rashes etc. Trimmers are soft with the skin while cutting the beard as it doesn’t affect our skin. It also don’t produce any waste which is not good for environment. So it is eco-friendly also.

It is designed in such a way that it is easy to handle it with our own hand while using it. Now a days cordless trimmers are being manufactured.

These trimmers are charge using electricity and then put on use without any electric wire or something. Previously it was not like that. We need to put it on electric socket while using for getting the power because they don’t had charging facility. Some trimmers comes with rubber gripping which has more easy handling as compared to the normal ones.



We can also use trimmers to remove the hairs of other parts of body like chest, under arms etc without any side effects. As the skin of under arms is quite soft so if you use blade there then it may itch or the skin may get infected so better would be if we use trimmer for that purpose also as it is soft with the skin so it doesn’t produce any side effects. We can also use trimmers for styling our hairs also as per our beard shaping. In the fig.3 below we can see the trimmer used for styling our hair.

Fig.3 Trimmer used for styling our hair

Easy to make desired shape

Using trimmer it is easy to shape our beard as per the trend whichever we like or whichever suits our face. Trimmers have special quality of cutting beard of desired length by adjusting the filter provided.

There is adjustable cutting setting which is provided in some trimmers with precision cutting blade which can be adjusted in such a way that it will cut our beard as per our desired length. It is quite difficult with the razor to maintain such look or shape of beard. In the fig.4 below we can see that adjustment setting which varies from o.5 mm to 5 mm in some trimmers.

Fig.4 Adjustable precision blade setting

Long lasting-

Trimmers are manufactured in such a way that it can be used for years if we keep it in a proper manner. It requires proper lubricant for smooth use that’s it. The metal used in the blades of the trimmer is basically of stainless steel which doesn’t rust. The trimmers comes with a cleansing kit.

It is quite easy to clean the trimmer using that kit. We just need to charge our trimmers for using them with the help of electricity. Some also can be used using small non-rechargeable batteries. So as they are reusable so we can have them for years for using them again and again. We can also use razor for more than one time but still there is a limit for that because after sometime the sharpness of the blades will be gone and it will become blunt which will not give proper clean shave that is undesired.


After seeing the advantages of the trimmers or the disadvantages of the razor we can say that trimmers are multi purpose and user friendly devices which can last for years if maintained properly and can provide the proper shape to our beard as per the trend easily. They don’t have any side effects also.

But in case of razor it is not so. Razor have some side effects as well as it is not easy to use razor as it might cut our face if not handled properly. Therefore the conclusion is the trimmers have more advantages as compared to the razor and long lasting too so we should prefer trimmer over razor.

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