Picture Gallery of Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding Ceremony

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Picture Gallery of Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding Ceremony

Sonam Kapoor’s wedding with Anand Ahuja created quite a stir in the Bollywood Industry and on the social media platforms too. The internet is flooded and people can’t seem to have their calm cause it’s Sonam di wedding. After Virat and Anushka’s Virushka Wedding, this is another marriage to have gained such fame.

Though both the families claimed the marriage ceremony would be a private affair only attended by their close family and friends, it just seems otherwise. Anybody checking their social media handles have almost attended the marriage too. From A-Z, people have all the pictures and videos from the grand ceremony which is keeping them busy and delighted.

Sonam’s wedding was long due with her husband Anand Ahuja, but since now it is done, we are all in cheers for the couple —Mr. and Mrs. Ahuja.

And just after the duo got truly married,  Sonam Kapoor changed her name to Sonam Kapoor Ahuja on her Social media handles. We wish them a successful and a happy married life ahead.

Here is a sneak peek to their wedding gaga—


1) The insights of Sonam’s wedding location. It was sweet, simple and gave happy vibes from the pictures itself.

2) The guests were No less as they were the stars who lit the wedding with their charm and amazing outfits, and of course their pretty smiles.

3) The duo looked phenomenal and blew us away with their love and happiness. The lovebirds just sent radiant and happy vibes all the time and definitely gave us goals.

These are the viral Picture Gallery of Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding Ceremony for you..


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