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Online shopping in India –Indians are the most employable person in this world. They are working all around the world in different sectors like government sectors and public sectors. Twenty four hours in a day is not enough for them to spend equally with their work and their family. In their busy schedule, they are not ready to spend their valuable time for purchasing their essential products by going to the shop directly. As the prices of products are very high during these days, they are not ready to spend much money for buying the essential.

In order to serve this, kind of busy people, a new way shopping is introduced and it is used by all the people around the world without any age variation. It is famously called as online shopping or online market.

In India, this online shopping has grown much better than the previous years. Every day lots of money and business transactions are happening in this online market. People are changing from the regular style of buying products to buy the product through the online market. In this article, let see how the online market working in our country and what is the thinking of Indian people about this huge online market.

What is mean online shopping?

Online shopping or Online Supermarket is similar to that of the Regular market, but there is one major difference between these two. We can say this online shopping as a virtual shopping.  All type of products which are available in the regular market is also available in the online market.


In regular shopping, the buyer and the seller can able to see each other and can able to interact with each other.  But in online shopping, the buyer and the seller can’t able to see each other. They can able to interact with each other. They can able to interact with online mods like Emails, WhatsApp texting, messaging and so on.

The products available in the online market are cheaper than the products available in the regular market. For example, if the cost of a dress Two Thousand rupees in the regular market, it will be around thousand five hundred rupees in the online market. Because of this huge price difference, the people are mostly by the products they want, during these days, only in the online market. Most of the sellers in the online market have a Direct link with the product manufacturer. Because of this only they can able to offer the products at low cost.

How to order the products in online shopping?

Ordering a product which you want through online shopping is very much easy. Let see that with an example of ordering yeah mobile phone. Just follow the following steps.

  1. Go to an authorized online shopping website like Amazon, Flipkart and so on.
  2. If you don’t have an account on the website just create one account by giving details like your phone number, your email ID and so on. After creating an account go to the mobile section and choose her mobile which you want.
  3. Check the product features, price and the offers related to that particular mobile.
  4. If you like everything clicks on the place order tap; it will take you to another page where you have to enter your desired delivery address and mode of payment you want.
  5. They may have a mode of payment through online like a credit card, debit card and online banking and offline modes like cash on delivery option.
  6. After choosing the payment option it will again ask you to confirm your order. If you confirm your order your order will get successfully placed and you will receive a confirmation message about your order the product.

Indian’s thought towards online shopping:


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In the year of 2013, the online shopping method came into play. In India, during the days, the Indians we have the thought that the products ordered in the online shopping mode don’t have good quality and the product they received doesn’t match with the product they see in the website.

The term online shopping start to boom in 2014 only. Since the online sellers in India are new to this field, they have the above mention problems during initial times. But they start to continuously improve the quality of the product they sell. Nowadays the products which are ordered through online shopping have good quality and considerable low price than the products which are bought in regular shopping Style.


The Indians are now starting to switch from the regular shopping style to online shopping because of the quality of the product price of the product and the offers which are given by the sellers for that product. Since the Indian are busy with they are work, they not able to spend their valuable time for buying the product. They are not ready to waste their time for this.

Since the online sellers deliver the product at a suitable time we want and at the desired place we want, it is very much easy to buy their products. Many online sellers offer cash on delivery option for the product which we ordered. Because of this, we can able to pay after receiving the product.


But if we pay through online, we can get some additional price reduction. If we find any damage or if we don’t like the delivered product, we can replace the same. Because of these features, the Indians started to order the products mostly in the online.

Advantages of online shopping in India:

Following are the advantage of online shopping in India, but not restricted to this only.

  1. The Indian online sellers are a most trustable person. They do not compromise with the quality of the product.
  2. Customers can able to get the product at the lowest price in the market.
  3. We can get the product at the desired the time and at the desired place.
  4. Users can pay through online is an offline mode which is our choice.
  5. We can get more offers for the products in online shopping in India.
  6. If we do not like the delivered product, we can get the replacement for the same
  7. By online shopping in India, we can save our valuable time.
  8. All type of products in all the categories is available on the online shopping website.


Disadvantages of online shopping in India:

Even though having lots of advantages the online shopping in India a few drawbacks too.

  1. The buyer and the seller can’t see each other and interact. The interaction is possible only through online
  2. In the website, we can able to see the picture of the product only.
  3. Since the prices of the products available on the website are a fixed one, there is no chance for further reduction of price.


Even though having advantages and disadvantages the trend is changing. One day all the drawbacks in online shopping in India will be definitely cleared.


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