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Daughter of the Jhakaas actor Anil Kapoor, Sonam kapoor or the Neerja girl has made a special place for herself in Bollywood. She has established herself not through simply luck, but sheer determination and hard work.

As many of you might think that being born with a silver spoon has been the granted favour in her luck, but let me correct you, that’s never been the case.

Starting from earlier times till now, family background doesn’t help in how successful a person might be in the Bollywood Industry. We have many cases of actors/actresses who have been a total flop despite them belonging to a star lit, high class family. One might get an opportunity to work in the movie industry but the success comes only once your talent does.

Talking about Sonam kapoor, she started her career as an assistant director of Mr.Bhansali for BLACK and then stepped into movies. She has been the recipient of many prestigious awards like Filmfare and national awards.

Now besides her talent as a movie actor, she is known for something else too. Yes, you know that very well and it definitely won’t be a surprise to you. It’s her fashion sense and her style statement that makes her so unique and out amongst the crowd. She has been awarded with many prizes for that too.

She pulls out every outfit with style and slays. That’s the reason, she is there with  RHESON.

RHESON is a clothing brand designed by her sister Rhea Kapoor which is promoted by Sonam Kapoor. Seems like the sisters have a flair for owning the vogue world.

And since ,your style icon is the one who you look upon to, we have got some of her best style picks so that you can follow it and own the style too.

We have selected top twenty five looks that Sonam carried and completely slayed in. Here are those —


1) She looked like a princess before and here, she indeed proved to be one.

2)  Giving a warm impact with class

3) Bring back retro with Polka dots

4) Once you are done with retro, try for Vintage just as she did..

5 )Maybe it’s a Vampire look or maybe it’s another princess with boldness

6) Half pants, but full power. That is what she potrayed here.

7) Sonam can stay evergreen and so can you.

8) Who said Formal can’t be fun? Learn to fusion it correctly and you become the boss.

9) And just when you thought that winters bag you up, Sonam came with something that will make you fall in love with it. This outfit is a complete hit in all regards.

10) She is the one who could slay the casuals

11) Learn how to pull of monochrome black

12) She looked like a fairy godmother herself.

13) And it is not just western, bring on a saree and say wow!

14) Just the perfect mixture of gorgeous and casual

15) Inspired by Neerja, here is look from her.


16) Thinking about a monochromatic solid colour lehnga?  Well it is..

17) Belt will add the glamour.

18) As you know, she is always in vogue

19) Sit and slay in saree

20) Rule the gown in pink  

21) Stay up for florals

22) Cold shoulders for saree

23) Add something to those shoulders now

24) This is what you call being hot and noT hasty

25) Black has many colours in it while Sonam chooses to wear it.

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