Have a peek at some Unique styles for lehengas

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Lehengas are something which gives us our share of happiness and confidence as soon as we wear it. Their huge and heavy look compliments a female’s strong and not tender body structure and projects a powerful yet charming personality. Be it a heavy one or a light one,until you hold the skirt and go dancing around like a diva, you don’t really feel like yourself. Do you? Huh! Ofcourse not.

Moreover, with lehngas, you can go on trying and experimenting every bit of it without being hesitant. Pair it with whatever suits your style and walk off with pride. It gives us the oomph factor we desire and the fairytale feels are bonus prizes.

It is a friend in need for the girls especially to ornament them on special occasions. Because once you’re done with suits and can’t do saree, lehngas come to rescue.

But again, they’ve rescued you time and again and you need something new.

Here we have a list of special hatke lehngas so that your rescue becomes right.

1) Bring out the chic in you.

The boho chic walking through the streets of delhi needs a lehnga? Here we have for you. Its cool and classy at the same time. Pair it with gladiators and you’ll be the coolest bridesmaid ever.

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2) Patterns and Prints have got lot more.

A lot lot more than you can imagine. This is for those modern people who are always trying new things.

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3) Rajasthani will embrace the royalty your highness.

It has royalty and colour and will shine up the party with it’s designs and shades.

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4) Put on a coat and be the turncoat

You’re the boss, you know it and can’t just get away with that. Well, put on your coat with a lehnga and let the world know you through it.

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5) Koti will cut you from all comparisons

A true savior. You’ll instantly be described as a hit as soon you hit the party with this. A blouse? Naah. Only a.. Koti!

Image Google

6)Let Saree and lehnga give you your fusion.

You were confused between a saree and lehnga, well, we gave you both.  

Image Google

7) Give Silk a chance and you won’t ever

regret it.

Cause silk never disappoints you and trust me on this, it never will.

Image Google

8) If you have done fusion with a saree, give Suit a chance.

Because you missed your suit, so we brought that too. And I’m sure you’ll be glad to bring it back.

Image Google

9) Lehnga choli is makes you all desi and Bollywood

If you’re that  one who survives cause Dharma Productions exist, then my friend, this is your choice and I’m sure you won’t flicker for more.

Image Google

10) Put on Sheer with shear determination

It’s Innn, it’s trendy and guess what? It’s easy to wear and gives just the right amount if your insights.

Image Google

11) Velvet will give you a combination of smooth, sexy and smart.

Though it’s another royal celebrity, but there’s more to it. It’s also smooth, while being sexy and obviously smart.

Image Google

12)  Get your blouse with a fall

People will fall down for you after this. Just get it and swing, sway and slay in it.

Image Google

13) And once you’re done with all fusions, here is a last one – Suit and Skirt.

Last but not the least, another fusion to treat you with. Suit with skirt. Though it’s pretty common by now but it’s still worth the shot.

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Beardo [CPS] IN
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