Handloom sarees: working women’s staple

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Working women not only want to excel in their fields , they also want to look their best while doing so. As the jobs tend to become more and more demanding , the choice of clothing also becomes more and more difficult. A number of factors effect the clothing choices; be it comfort , dress code or the working environment . Amidst the zillion choices that are available in the market, what stands out the most and lands on the shopping cart of most working women is the handloom saree.  

Unity in diversity

India is all about the cultural diversity of its different regions and handloom sarees best represent this. Be it the traditional zari work in banarasi sarees of Banaras, the authentic print in sambhalpuri silk of Orissa or the figure motives in the baluchari silk of Bengal , each region has its own handloom textile, which is a reflection of the culture of that place. When a women adorns herself in a handloom saree , she not only wears a creation which is painstakingly crafted, she also wears a remark of her own culture and appreciates other cultures.

Why choose a handloom saree ?

Handloom sarees

A lot of work environments require formals as the dress code, and handloom sarees  not just fall into the category of formals, they are also extremely comfortable.

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The words ‘comfort’ and ‘saree’ are never used together and the six-yard-wonder is often stereotyped as being quite uncomfortable. This is where handloom sarees differ from other sarees eco-friendly fabric, often a cotton or a silk is not only easy to drape, but also stays in place . Then the intact fibre weave is not slippery like chiffon and other Georgette fabric sarees.

Considering the tropical climate of India, silks and cotton gives a breathe of fresh air, when the sun soars high up in the sky.

Be it the comfort or style a handloom saree always scores high.

Day to night transition staple

A 9-5 job is not always boring . Sometimes a long day at work also ends with a office party. When it comes to attending a office party, women not only want to strike a statement, they also want to look their position. But sometimes they rarely get the time to get ready after work hours to go to the party.  Because of This where a handloom saree becomes a must. Its is comfortable enough for the day, and stylish enough for the night !

wine coloured saree    

This deep wine coloured saree available at online shopping network Flipkart is the best example of how handloom sarees can be considered a best day to night staples. Teamed with this kind of accessories makes it a perfect party wear, and sans the accessories it will make a perfect day look !

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Channeling the inner diva inside every women becomes easy when done with a handloom saree. It is the go to staple for every working women . Be it for work or for play, women tend to look the best in whatever thing they do.

Eco-friendly fabric

Industrialization and globalization has lead to major effluents being released in to the environment leading to major environmental problems. Fabrics like polyester, Georgette and chiffon are processed in industries which greatly contribute towards environmental pollution .

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Women who today greatly contribute towards the development of the country , are also environmentally conscious. They take great pride in wearing handloom eco-friendly sarees.

Handloom sarees are the best

Be it comfort or style, handloom sarees strike the perfect balance . It is very important to look appropriate in every occasion. Looking good gives confidence. And with confidence, people can achieve all there dreams.

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